As we come to the end of the year, many employees will start reassessing their current position and start looking forward to next year and what opportunities may lay ahead for them.

If you haven’t been communicating a development plan for them, then they’ll start to look elsewhere. One of the biggest motivators for all employees is opportunities for advancement.

Start talking with your key employees now about their development opportunities. Retention and development is a highly effective strategy in growing your business (and a lot more cost effective then recruiting a replacement!). See our post on why it pays to retain and develop to read more about how much staff turnover is costing your business.

HR Maximised uses the Career Monitor program to proactively manage retention. The Career Monitor provides clear guidelines on how to retain individual employees and provides an employee a clear plan on how they can contribute to the business. It is a powerful and non-threatening way for employees to own their career. Career Monitor can also be used for probation reviews, exit interviews, key employee retention programs and annual survey as part of a HR Plan.

Career Monitor

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