New compliance rules for salaried employees

Do you have salaried staff? If so, then you need to be aware of changes coming into effect on 1st March 2020. The Fair Work Commission has made some key changes to a number of awards including the Clerks – Private Sector, manufacturing and associated industries award, banking, finance and insurance, professional services and health professionals’ awards amongst others (full list at the end of this article). Very briefly, the main [...]

Make 2020 your business’s best year yet!

Happy New Year! What does 2020 hold for you? If you were to think forward to January 2021 would you be happy if you, your team and your business were at the same place as right now? If not, then it’s time to get to work to make some changes. HR Maximised’s STAR Workplace program will get your business aiming for the stars and becoming a high performing business. The STAR [...]

What story are your employees selling your customers?

You’ve dedicated large sums of money to a great website, branding and advertising all telling a story of how you and your team are the best fit for your customer. But does the in-house experience match the projected story? How engaged are your employees to your company’s story and strategic plan? Exceptional customer service will always create a competitive advantage and your employees will only deliver exceptional customer service when they [...]

Culture Matters!

There are many definitions of culture but the one I like best was stated by a 5-year-old on an ABC program my daughter was watching. “Culture is the personality of the place you live”. This sums up culture perfectly for me.  So, what’s your workplace’s personality? Is it bright and bubbly? Focused, but with flair? Serious, but still remaining sunny? Or is it a culture that causes employees to feel anxious, [...]

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Let’s keep asking R U OK?

R U OK? This is an important conversation and one that we need to have as frequently as those around us need. People struggle at all times of the year and checking in with them in November, March and June is just as important. This is a conversation that isn’t defined by the day or the week but by our care for one another. We also need to keep talking about [...]

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Are your employees looking for another job?

As we come to the end of the year, many employees will start reassessing their current position and start looking forward to next year and what opportunities may lay ahead for them. If you haven't been communicating a development plan for them, then they'll start to look elsewhere. One of the biggest motivators for all employees is opportunities for advancement. Start talking with your key employees now about their development opportunities. [...]

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Transforming the Accidental Manager

Do you have an Accidental Manager in your business? An Accidental Manager is an employee who has been promoted because they excelled in their employee role. Rarely though, is this newly promoted employee ever provided with training to help them develop effective management and leadership skills. If you purchased a new $300,000 machine you wouldn’t dream of putting an untrained person in charge of it. Likewise, if you appoint a new [...]

Dealing with different personalities at work

Dealing with different personalities at work has been a hot topic of conversation for us lately. “I just don’t know how to get through to her” “I end up just giving in, even though I don’t think it’s right, just because I don’t want an argument” “He’s so blunt. Sometimes I don’t think he realises how he comes across. He can be quite intimidating.” These are some of the reoccurring comments [...]

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