Let’s address unresolved conflicts and communication issues in the workplace

Are you struggling with unresolved conflicts and communication issues in the workplace? The DiSC profiling model can provide you with
the insights and tools needed to address these concerns and more.

DiSC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Consciousness) is a comprehensive profiling model that offers a deep understanding of how individuals think, act, and interact. By gaining insight into an individual’s natural preferences, tendencies, motivators, and detractors, DiSC profiles can provide powerful insights for professionals in any role, whether they be a worker, salesperson, manager, or leader.

disc workplace program brisbane
disc workplace program

The benefits of using DiSC

The DiSC Workplace Program can help to:

  • Improve communication skills

  • Build leadership abilities

  • Diffuse interpersonal conflict

  • Set attainable goals based on individual motivators

  • Boost performance and productivity

  • Increase motivation

  • Strengthen workplace skills

  • Build strong teams

  • Cultivate productive work or study habits

  • Make smart hiring decisions

How DiSC Works

The assessment questionnaire

Participants will be asked to respond to simple statements on a five-point scale where you indicate how much you agree with each statement.

This online questionnaire takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and includes approximately 80 items. Computerised adaptive testing is used to produce the most accurate results.

The results and profile report

We will analyse and assess the paticiapants’ results and develop a report which profiles the unique behavioral styles, tendencies, needs, preferred environments, and strategies for each person. Each profile report also includes information about other DiSC styles to help you learn more about others. We will utilise the DiSC Comparison and Group Culture reports to provide a deeper understanding of your team, group, clients, and/or colleagues.

The language in the individual profiles is supportive, personalised, and easily understood however we will work with you and your team to help you discover ways of applying the results to improve future business performance.

Scoring the DiSC assessment

Scoring is done electronically. Each of the eight DiSC scales is measured and each participant’s results are displayed in a circular image. This has proven to be more engaging, memorable, and informative than a series of numbers or graphs.

The report also lists the questionnaire items a person rated highly but that aren’t typical for someone with their style. This may help uncover the nuances of the person’s style, making it a better fit and more relevant.

Here’s the DiSC process

The audit questionnaire goes through each of the focus areas you have selected.

DiSC Workplace Program FAQs

The Management profiles help leaders learn how to bring out the best in each of their employees and how to adapt their management style to support their team members more effectively. It allows participants to learn more about their management priorities and preferences and learn how to improve their ability to direct, delegate, motivate and develop others in their team.

Diversity in business is always a good idea because it provides a variety of insights, skills, opinions and experiences that can broaden your overall knowledge and skill base, not to mention the richness of your team’s personal interactions. It’s really important to understand how matching personality types to certain roles and mixing complementary personality types within functions, can really enhance performance and reduce conflict.

Absolutely! DiSC can definitely be used to support hiring decisions. Because DiSC provides insights into people’s communication styles and priorities or drivers, this information can be utilised to understand how they might perform in a certain type of role.

A knack of getting to the real issue very quickly

This is professional advice without the fluff and hype – Vanessa shoots from the hip and you always know exactly where you stand with her. Vanessa has a knack of getting to the real issue very quickly – I love this. This is what makes HR Maximised different to any other HR consultant I’ve had. As a business owner, in dealing with HR and staff matters, it often feels as though your staff have more rights and privileges than you do as the owner. Vanessa has (on more than one occasion) slowed us down to approach difficult situations with patients and respect, allowing cooler heads to prevail which always leads to better results. Our passion for our business has increased as we have someone who watches our back in all things HR and helps us to better manage our most valuable resource; our staff members.

I highly recommend HR Maximised and Vanessa for many more reasons than I’ve had the time to list.

– R Bakker, Eyes at Narangba Optometrists

Improve communication and reduce conflict by understanding your team at a deeper level