STAR Workplace Program

STAR Workplace measures strategic alignment between your business strategy, employee functions and activities, and your business culture. STAR goes beyond employee engagement and satisfaction. It also looks at employer satisfaction – are you meeting your business goals, delivering high quality output and creating opportunities for knowledge and growth to support your future business plans?

The program’s results highlight what you need to focus on to strengthen employee buy-in and cohesion to achieve the strongest growth, and provide measurable actions to improve your bottom-line.

How does STAR Workplace help?

Solve retention issues by creating employee engagement

Solve conflict issues by identifying and addresses pain points or bottle necks

Improve your ROI in staff via systems and processes so they feel valued and perform at their best

Improve your satisfaction through efficient management & high-quality output

The 4 stages of STAR Workplace Program

STAR Workplace FAQs

The STAR online survey is quick and easy to complete, it will take employee’s about 15 minutes. Once employee’s have entered their anonymous responses it’s then up to us to present the data to you so that you can understand areas in which your business is doing well and where it is mis-aligned. We will work with you to develop an action plan that is generally implemented over a 12 month period but we take a phased approach so it’s in line with your business requirements.

It’s important to include as many employees as possible to gain the full picture on employee satisfaction and engagement and where there are currently gaps in alignment across the business. By involving the whole team you increase employee buy-in, and demonstrate that everyone’s feedback is valued. This can be helpful in gaining support during the implementation phase.

STAR is a fully online platform that looks at both employee and employer satisfaction and improves performance by helping you to understand how all the pieces fit together, and where any gaps may be. Some programs will look at personality types, communication styles, employee satisfaction or organisational culture, but STAR Workplace looks at how all of these factors align with the overall strategy and where there is room for improvement. It also looks at your satisfaction as the business owner.

Pragmatic, practical, people-centred approach

I really appreciate Vanessa’s pragmatic, practical, people centred (within organisational limitations) approach that clarifies the process required to achieve the desired outcome, continually developing inhouse capacity rather than creating a dependence on an external organisation.

I would and do, recommend HR Maximised in my professional life where I deal with SME’s on a continual basis. I have also worked with various CALD communities in a previous workplace and think HR Maximised would be ideal to develop the cultural and performance tools required for SME’s to improve productivity, performance and profit

– K Harrison, Meals on Wheels

Understand the key drivers of engagement and satisfaction in your business