Is it time to improve your workplace culture?

A business’s culture is the number one indicator of future business performance. Your contribution to culture and engagement influences the employee experience and has a direct impact on business growth and profitability.

Fusion is a culture focused workplace program that helps you to understand your business’ current culture, identify areas for development, and implement a plan for action.

Key Drivers of Culture

  • Team Work

  • Customer Focus

  • Motivated Work Team

  • Loyalty to the business

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Self Motivation

  • Quality Communications

  • Team Leadership

  • Business Acumen

  • Quality of Planning & Being Organised

Why Fusion?

Facilitates effective communication and feedback, ensuring staff feel seen and heard

Improves staff engagement by setting a clear purpose and expectations, ensuring the workplace ‘makes sense’ to them

Reduces conflict by identifying and address pain points for staff

Improves productivity through a deeper sense of connection, belonging and value

The Fusion Culture Program Process

Fusion Culture Program FAQs

Employees can be happy and satisfied in their work but if you want to create a productive and growth-centred workplace, increasing employee engagement is the ultimate aim. Employee engagement is an emotional commitment by staff to the business. Disengaged employees may turn up every day, but they won’t strive to help the business meet its goals. If you don’t understand and measure engagement, you can’t start to improve it.

The survey allows your staff to provide honest, confidential and unsolicited feedback about the business and its leadership. Often if people are asked directly, they are less inclined to be as honest or forthcoming in their responses because they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or appear to be critical. Sometimes raising a concern or a new idea or suggestion can be daunting for people, the survey allows staff to be confident in raising issues.

Social events are a great way for staff to socialise, unwind, have some fun and spend time together away from work. Whilst team events contribute to a business’ culture, they are only a small part of what really drives it. To really drive growth , it is important to understand all the drivers of culture, and how the business is performing against each of them.

I would not hesitate recommending HR Maximised to any of my small business clients

I have worked with Vanessa from HR Maximised for a few years now through referring her to my clients and for my own business and she has been fantastic.

Vanessa is incredibly knowledgeable about all things HR and have assisted many of my clients out of tricky spots, or to setup up their employees correctly. I would not hesitate recommending Vanessa to any of my small business clients, as her service and attention to detail really gives my clients and me the assurance that they have set up their employees correctly and provides a constant touch point for any questions as they arise.

– D Dugan, Edge Small Business Consulting

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