We are getting close to the end of the first quarter and it has been a busy one for everyone. Already this year we have explored a number of critical areas of HR that underpin business success – cultural alignment and employee engagement; ongoing flexibility; simplifying and improving the performance management process; better understanding your teams’ personalities and communication styles; and ensuring you have all the right HR tools and supports in place to manage risk and protect you and your staff. This month we’re looking at the new Workplace Sexual Harassment laws, STAR Workplace Program and the types of things memorable bosses do. Enjoy!

March’s Spotlight

New Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws

Everyone has the right to a workplace that is safe and free from sexual harassment and in addition to protections offered under other Australian laws, from 6 March 2023, The Fair Work Act has been amended to ban sexual harassment in connection with work and the workplace. The changes cover employees, contractors, work experience students and volunteers; future workers; and people conducting a business. A person or company can be liable for sexual harassment conducted by an employee or agent in connection with work, and applies unless the person or company can prove that they took all reasonable steps to prevent the sexual harassment.

Managing Sexual Harassment

There are several things as business owners that you can do to prevent sexual harassment. These include:

  • Ensuring you have adequate policies and processes in place to educate people in the workplace or to refer to in the event that a complaint is made or issue is raised;
  • Taking complaints seriously and addressing them early;
  • Building and maintaining safe and secure physical and online working spaces;
  • Ensuring training and support is provided to staff about the importance of preventing and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace; and
  • Detailing how staff should go about raising concerns or complaints.

Should you require assistance in the area of training or policy development, or if you need to update your existing policies and procedures in relation to sexual harassment, please get in contact.

STAR Workplace Program

STAR is a workplace program that goes beyond employee satisfaction. It also looks at your satisfaction as an employer and how strong your alignment is between the team’s activities,  the business strategy, and the wider business and management culture.

The program’s results highlight what you need to focus on to strengthen employee buy-in and cohesion, to achieve the strongest growth. STAR identifies risks, management issues and opportunities within your business and delivers a practical action plan to address these challenges. We will analyse your results and provide measurable insights and actions to improve your bottom line, optimise your workplace, and ensure you are truly generating value through your biggest asset, your people!

How does STAR Workplace help?

Solve retention issues by creating employee engagement


Solve conflict issues by identifying and addressing pain points or bottle necks


    Increase ROI in staff via systems and processes so they feel valued and perform at their best

    Improve your satisfaction through efficient management & high-quality output

What does STAR Workplace look like for my team?

Stage 1 – Understand  

We have a 1-1 discussion with the business owner or decision maker relating to the business, strategy and team.

Stage 2 – Examine

Each employee is provided with an electronic link to complete their survey. (30 statistically validated questions relating to their engagement and alignment with the business and an additional 10 free text questions)

Stage 3 – Analyse and Review

Results are analysed and presented back to the business owner in a 2-hour presentation meeting.

Stage 4 – Take Action

We hold an interactive workshop with you/your leadership team and broader team to assist the business in gaining a better understanding of the results and to develop an improvement-focused action plan based on the results presented in Stage 3.

Take the opportunity now to understand how best to achieve the strongest alignment and cohesion across your team, strategy and culture. Contact us to talk about the STAR Workplace Program and put the foundations in place to support your future growth!

Are you the type of boss your team will remember?

We all remember that one (or if you’re lucky more than one) boss that really made a difference to our working life, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes not so good…but let’s stay focused on the positives!

Bosses can play a huge role in how we feel about or work and workplace. If we feel supported, challenged, engaged and understood we enjoy our work more and are more productive. If on the other hand we don’t have a positive relationship with the person or people we report to, our working life can be less engaging and more challenging.

Let’s not forget though that bosses are people too! They don’t always get it right and they don’t know everything – they can’t be everything to everyone.  However, some of the things that great bosses do are:

  • Provide growth opportunities
  • Challenge and stretch us
  • Listen and invite feedback
  • Lead by example
  • Open up new career pathways
  • Let us know we matter
  • Acknowledge when they do something wrong
  • Recognise and reward us
  • Forgive our mistakes
  • Hold us to account

As people leaders and managers we need to make sure we are creating safe and positive workspaces for out teams. Strong employee engagement, connectedness and team cohesion leads to increased productivity and improved retention. Don’t forget to take the time to reflect on your time as a boss and some of the great things you’ve done for your team members. Equally, look ahead to the type of team and business you want in the future and make sure you are doing what you can as a boss to support your people to deliver your vision. Be a memorable boss!