HR Maximised Monthly News – January 2023

We hope you enjoyed a well-earned break over the festive season and are looking forward to a productive and rewarding 2023!

Having a break often gives people an opportunity to reflect and reassess on what has gone well, what we can improve, and what we want to achieve in the year ahead.  Do we have the right strategy, team, systems, resources and culture in place to support our vision and really drive the business to where we want it to be? Are we all on the same page and aware of how each person contributes to delivering the strategy?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard. With some really effective tools and expert advice, the HR maximised team can help you get there!

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January’s Spotlight

Important changes to all employment contracts (including those issues by HR Maximised)

Recent changes to Industrial Relations laws have made it illegal to include confidentiality clauses about employment conditions and remuneration packages in employment contracts. These were very common inclusions in employment contracts, including those issued by HR Maximised. These changes don’t require you to issue new contracts to your employees however if you choose to do so then please get in contact with us and we will update your contracts to be compliant with the changes. If you are using our existing contracts as a template for new employees please get in touch with us and we will remove the prohibited clauses. There will be no charge for us to update your templates or existing contracts, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to have this work performed.


What’s the plan for this year?

What are your business goals this year? Increasing profits? Diversifying your product offering? Downsizing for more balance and flexibility? Whatever it is that you are looking to achieve in 2023, your employees have the ability to make or break those targets – if they know what you’re trying to achieve and how their day-to-day activity and role contributes. This doesn’t need to be an onerous task we’ve developed EDGE Conversations – Engage, Develop, Goals and Excel – to assist. 

EDGE Conversations are built to ensure you, your business and your team remain on target, build stronger connections, improve engagement and alignment and ensure together you have every chance to reach or surpass your 2023 goals. 

EDGE conversations are monthly 10-15 minute face-to-face conversations, targeting key topics designed to build rapport, engagement and action, with prompts resulting in constructive feedback, proactive, forward-thinking discussions, and focused action plans. Because you are checking in with your people on a regular basis, your ability to monitor and measure the business’ ‘pulse’ and performance is greatly enhanced; meaning you can keep on top of targets and address issues early. 

Understanding what drives your people and what stops them from performing at their best is powerful information that directly impacts employee satisfaction and retention; and therefore, the bottom-line. Highly engaged and motivated staff are your best performers and when staff feel listened to and suggestions or grievances are acted upon, engagement levels improve. 

Let us know when you are ready to gain the EDGE and grow your people and business further!

Meet the team

It’s a fresh start to the year and a fresh team photo for HR Maximised. We were so thrilled with the outcome we wanted to share our favourite shot with you and use the opportunity for a quick re-introduction. Left to right you are looking at Maria Schmelzer, Vanessa Petch and Mary Cairns. Other than the specialist HR knowledge we bring to your business, our strength lies in our diversity and business acumen. Between us we have close to 40 years of HR and operations experience having worked in, owned and consulted to all types of businesses ranging from micro to corporate across an enormous range of industries including finance, trades, manufacturing, engineering, property, agriculture, health and fitness, property services, resources and mining, legal services and allied health to name a few. Our passion is to assist small to medium businesses to improve business performance and profitability by maximising staff potential and forming cohesive, productive and engaged teams.

Whether your goal this year is to increase turnover, reduce wastage, diversify or downsize, your people will play a big part in achieving the outcomes you are looking for. We know our team are aligned and ready to make 2023 another successful year for HR Maximised. We are ready to help you have that same confidence in your people and teams.