We can help minimise your people risk and maximise your business’s productivity and profit.

Are you and your employees busy being busy, but not really getting anywhere? When was the last time you worked on your business and not in it? Would having employees who know what’s expected of them and who are working with you to achieve the business’s goals make a difference?

HR Maximised works with you to develop simple and effective HR solutions.

We understand the pressures that small to medium businesses are under and want to work with you to help overcome them so you can get back to what you’re great at – building your business!


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HR Audit

Employment law and industry regulations change regularly and it can be difficult to keep up to date. Non compliance with the Fair Work Act, applicable Modern Awards and Industrial Employment regulations can be costly.

Our HR Audit will cut through the noise and identify areas to improve to minimise your employment relations risks and ensure your compliance.

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HR Systems and Processes

We’ll work with you to deliver simple but effective HR systems and processes that work for your business and your business’s goals.

We’ll ensure that the systems support you and your team to focus on activities that will grow your business.

business health check

Business Health Check

The Business Health Check is an online business diagnostic tool that benchmarks how your business is performing across six key metrics – strategy; finance; marketing and customers; processes, systems and internal business; people and corporate social responsibility.

Each area is rated, providing you with a snapshot of key areas for management focus and action planning.

Most importantly, we offer this Health Check completely free of charge. We want to be able show you the value our services can add to your business. Contact us now for a free Business Health Check.

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Performance Improvement

Managing a team can be complicated – different personalities, work styles, motivations, personal issues – the list goes on and can cause not only a headache for the business owner but for the rest of the team too.

Your employees, and their performance, is ultimately what dives the success of your business so its an area of your business that you want to get right. Understanding what drives your employees and maintaining engagement and accountability will drive your business forward.

workplace improvement

Workplace Improvement

Every business wants to be a high performer, where goals are being met or even exceeded, business is booming and where not only are the employees engaged, satisfied and happy but the business owner is too. Sound unachievable? It doesn’t have to be.

HR Maximised uses research driven tools to help drive your business’s performance and profitability. The STAR Workplace program understands that measuring employee satisfaction is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to people performance and the profitability of your business.

Measuring employee alignment, commitment, loyalty and performance while benchmarking your business against similar Australian SME’s, we can assist business owners to develop an action plan to improve their business by aligning their teams to the strategic direction of the business.

Find out more about this process and the methodology behind the STAR Workplace program.

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