We can help minimise your people risk and maximise your business’s productivity and profit.

Are you and your employees busy being busy, but not really getting anywhere? When was the last time you worked on your business and not in it? Would having employees who know what’s expected of them and who are working with you to achieve the business’s goals make a difference?

HR Maximised works with you to develop simple, effective and affordable HR solutions.

We understand the pressures that small to medium businesses are under and want to work with you to help overcome them so you can get back to what you’re great at – building your business!

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HR Audits

Protect your business by having the right policies and procedures in place. Make managing staff clear and easy, and ensure compliance with relevant employment laws and industry regulations. When did you last do a business health check?

DiSC Workplace Program

Improve communication and performance by gaining a deeper understanding of each individual team members’ strengths, motivators and stressors; and help your employees work better together.

Engagement and Culture Programs

True business success is achieved through strong alignment across your strategy, employee engagement and business culture. Do you know where the gaps are and how to drive change and future performance?

Workplace Advice and Support

Protect your business and make decisions faster and more easily with the right HR advice and support.

HR Documentation

Improve your HR capabilities, ensure you are compliant with current legislation and solve your HR administration problems.


Trying to find that star employee or just planning for future growth? We can help with a range of recruitment solutions.

Let HR Maximised improve your business’s performance and profit