Do you have an Accidental Manager in your business? An Accidental Manager is an employee who has been promoted because they excelled in their employee role. Rarely though, is this newly promoted employee ever provided with training to help them develop effective management and leadership skills.

If you purchased a new $300,000 machine you wouldn’t dream of putting an untrained person in charge of it. Likewise, if you appoint a new manager then they too need to undergo training. If you’ve ever worked for an Accidental Manager, then you know the impact they can have on their team’s productivity and the business’ performance.

If you Google ‘accidental manager’ then the top results are the ‘Curse of the Accidental Manager’ such is the reputation and impact they have. So, does this mean that you shouldn’t promote from within and give an outstanding employee a chance at a new opportunity? Absolutely not. Advancement and development opportunities are a main motivator for employees and a key retention strategy.

However, it is key to provide these new hires (or existing managers) with leadership training that will allow them to be aware of their default management style as well as the ability to adapt this style to meet the needs of their team and the business.

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