You’ve dedicated large sums of money to a great website, branding and advertising all telling a story of how you and your team are the best fit for your customer. But does the in-house experience match the projected story? How engaged are your employees to your company’s story and strategic plan? Exceptional customer service will always create a competitive advantage and your employees will only deliver exceptional customer service when they are engaged, satisfied and dare we say it; happy.

Research conducted by MIT Sloan shows that an employee’s attitude towards an organisation has a significant effect on how they approach their jobs and how they treat customers. Their research also discovered that high levels of employee engagement are associated with the highest rates of profitability. It’s no coincidence. An engaged valued employee aligned with an organisations strategic direction will always add value and in turn add to the bottom line.

MIT’s research also discovered that while products and services from competitors may appear similar on the surface, exceptional service will create a competitive advantage. Competing through service is only possible when the organisation treats its employees as a valuable resource. Companies that focus on creating a dynamic internal brand experience that matches the external brand promises understand that aligning employees is the way to be more profitable.

So, how can you go about measuring and maximising employment engagement in your business? HR Maximised’s STAR Workplace program measures employment engagement alongside strategy implementation, employee performance, culture and internal processes.

This program is specifically designed for Australian small and medium businesses. It is focused on implementing solutions that are relevant to your business, not someone else’s. By measuring the engagement levels in your business, we can then tailor a specific program that will see engagement and profitability increase in your business.

Previous STAR Workplace Programs have supported MIT Sloan’s research – employee engagement contributes to a business’s profitability.

Our findings are telling. Employers in high performing organisations are 24% more satisfied with the level of customer service than employers in low performing organisations. This was one of the largest variances and strongly indicated that customer engagement is critical for overall improved organisational performance.

Engaged employees will pass on their enthusiasm to customers and stakeholders and they will develop and deliver better products and services – thereby positively impacting sales and profit.

If you would like to read more on the STAR Workplace Program and how it can help you lift performance and increase profit within your business, contact HR Maximised today.

To read more about this topic, contact us for our white paper:  Accelerating Performance through Client Engagement.


MIT Sloan Management Review: Measuring the Benefits of Employee Engagement